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About Us



To live fully the Life in the Spirit which is rooted in the communion of the Trinity and in solidarity with the Church, the whole human family and creation.


To foster the grace of Pentecost, including the exercise of charisms as an integral part of normative Christian living.

To deepen the process of Christian discipleship in the Church through on-going conversion, inner healing, daily prayer, daily reading of the Word of God, catechesis, frequent reception of the Sacraments and daily embracing the Cross of Christ.

To deepen the spirit of communion in the Church through participation in the BEC's, dialogue and collaboration with the Church leadership and networking of Charismatic renewal groups & ministries.

To witness Christ by our lifestyle, proclamation, ecumenical & inter-religious dialogue and service to the poor & marginalized.


1. Preamble

This body hitherto known as the West Malaysia Pastoral Team (WMPT) shall be henceforth known as the Peninsular Malaysia Service Team (PMST) of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR)

2. Membership:

a The PMST shall comprise the Episcopal Adviser, one (1) Diocesan Liaison appointed by each of the Bishops of the three Dioceses of Peninsular Malaysia, and two (2) members drawn from each of the three Diocesan Service Teams (DSTs).

b. It is preferable that the DST members include the Chairman and/or Secretary. The DST Chairman is responsible for the running of the DST which is in turn authorized by the local Bishop to oversee the growth of the CCR in the Diocese. The Diocesan Liaison serves as a liaison with the Bishop on matters pertaining to the CCR and to act as a Spiritual Director.

c. The offices of Diocesan Liaison and DST Chairman must not be held by the same person. A Priest, Religious or Lay-person may serve either as Diocesan Liaison or DST Chairman provided he/she can fulfill the functions associated with the office.

d. The PMST may co-opt up to three (3) other members experienced in specific services or ministries in the CCR as the need arises.

3. Qualifications:

a. Members of the PMST are to be mature Catholics with experience in the CCR and be capable and committed to serve in the PMST.

4. Role:

a. The members of the PMST of the CCR are called by the Lord to foster the growth of Basic Christian Renewal and to minister Pentecost in the Dioceses of Peninsular Malaysia

b. This involves:

i) Discerning the moving of the Holy Spirit and imparting the vision of the Church.

ii) Coordinating and facilitating the services of the DSTs in Peninsular Malaysia.

Promoting unity within the CCR as an effective sign and witness of God's presence.

Liaising with the Church Hierarchy and cooperating with other Church movements

c. The PMST achieves its goal of ministering Pentecost through Prayer, the Word of God, Life in the Spirit Seminars, Catholic teachings, Seminars and Retreats, and by establishing links with the CCR within the region and with the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal office (ICCRO)

5. Term of Office:

a. The term of office for PMST members and members of its Executive Committee shall be for three (3) years.

b. Replacement of these members upon completion of their term of office, resignation or removal from office by their bishops or their representatives is left to the discernment of the respective DST, subject to the approval of their respective bishop.

6. Pledge:

a Members of the PMST shall pledge themselves in total submission to their bishops who are represented in the PMST by the Episcopal Adviser.

b In placing themselves under the guidance and authority of the Hierarchy, members of the PMST endeavour to see that the CCR in Peninsular Malaysia works closely and fully with the total pastoral thrust specified in the particular diocese, and takes an active part in helping to build and renew the local Church at all levels, at home, in schools, in Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs), and in parishes

7. Executive Committee:

a. The overall function of the PMST shall be carried out by an Executive Committee comprising the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Chairman and Secretary shall attend to the day-to-day running of the PMST and the Treasurer shall keep its accounts. '

b. For practical purposes it is recommended that the members of the Executive Committee reside in close proximity.

8. Secretariat:

a. To achieve its goals the PMST sets up a PMST Office. The PMST Office shall be located at any place as the PMST deems convenient

b. The PMST Office shall maintain contact with the CCR at diocesan, national and international levels.

9 Funds:

a. To implement its programmes, the PMST shall set up a fund under the name of CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC RENEWAL to which the DSTs shall contribute generously

b. Each DST shall contribute to the PMST a minimum of ten (10%) percent of what it receives annually.

c. For PMST sponsored events organized by a DST, the net earnings will be divided in the proportion of ninety percent (90%) for the PMST and ten percent (10%) for the DST.

d. An account the name of CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC RENEWAL shall be opened by the PMST authorised by the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur. The signatories of this account shall be the Diocesan Liaison of the diocese in which the PMST Office is located and any one of the three members of the Executive Committee of the PMST.


a. The official organ of the PMST is the INSPIRITU magazine, published six (6) times annually. The INSPIRITU serves to foster the growth of Basic Christian Renewal in the Dioceses of Peninsular Malaysia.

b. The INSPIRITU magazine is managed by the Editor who is chosen by the PMST. The Episcopal Adviser will appoint a Consulting Editor from the PMST to oversee the direction and content of the INSPIRITU magazine.

11. Meetings:

a. The PMST shall meet twice (2) a year, in January, in July, and as the need arises. Whenever a member is absent, there would be no substitute. In addition to this, the PMST shall convene a general meeting of all members of the three DSTs at least once a year.

12. Commitment:

a. In order to carry out the Lord's work entrusted to the PMST, its members are required to attend all meetings punctually and to lift each other up in prayer.

These- guidelines dated January 1, 1992, have been duly approved by the Bishops of Peninsular Malaysia. Any amendments shall require the consent of the Bishops of Peninsular Malaysia.

Most Rev. Anthony Soter Fernandez, D.D.

Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

Rt. Rev. Anthony Selvanayagam, D.D

Bishop of Penang

Rt. Rev. James Chan, D.D.

Bishop of Melaka-Johor.


This video was made as the CCR in Peninsular Malaysia celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013.


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