Leadership Resources


1. Guidelines
Vision/Mission Statement of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Peninsular Malaysia
Guidelines for the Peninsular Malaysia Service Team(PMST)

PMST guidelines for conducting Life in the Spirit Seminars
PMST guidelines for the Deliverance Ministry
PMST guidelines for Core teams of Charismatic Prayer Groups

2. Teaching resources

Articles for teaching can be found at the following websites
The Catholic Charismatic Center on the World Wide Web- USA
CCR website of Melbourne, Australia
Holy Spirit Interactive
Articles on Charismatic Spirituality

3. Resources for Praise and worship
A site for a Catholic Charismatic musician
Higher Praise
I will worship
Praise and worship archive

4. Healing ministry
Sr Bridge Mckenna
Linda Schubert
Francis Macnutt
Fr John Hampsch CFM healing ministry
Fr Sear SJ family tree healing ministry

5. Television, multimedia resources
Renewal ministries (Ralph Martin - Choices we face TV programme)
Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television network
God tube (Watch video clips)
Veritas TV
Divine Online TV (Potta retreat centre)

6. Charismatic magazines/ newsletters
Pentecost Today (Newsletter of CCR, USA)
GoodNews online (Newsletter of CCR of England)
Charisindia (Magazine of CCR India)
Charisma Magazine
Bread of life Charismatic magazine
Good News Australia

7. Material for meditation and reflection
Presentation ministries
Spirituality for today
Word among Us

8. Catholic Encylopedia
New Advent
Catholic library

9. Scripture studies
Agape Bible Study
Scripture studies.com
Bible Aglow (India)
Great Adventures Bible study

10. Catholic Bibles online
New American Bible
New Jerusalem Bible

11. Bible Search Engine
Bible Gateway

12. New Catholic Catechism online


13. Catholic Answers
Peter Kreeft.com
Alapadre Catholic Corner: 11,000 links to Catholic Answers

14. Catholic Prayers

15. Religious Cliparts/Graphics
Crossdaily Cliparts
Free Catholic Cliparts
Roman Catholic Cliparts
Hermanoleon Religious Cliparts

16. Catholic Churches

Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese
Penang diocese

17. Catholic Search Engine

Catholic Start pages